Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Bullet Point Character - Harbinger of Skulls

  • A Child Fascinated with death from the age of six, when he witnessed his parent's murder/suicide, and then was left for three days to play with the decomposing bodies before being found by police.

  • Being severly abused by relatives, foster parents, and state workers, he grew more insular, but in his solitude, developed great intellegence.

  • Entered med school and committed his first murder in his second year there.

  • Finds that not only has he a natural acuity in committing murder, he is able to study the process of death in very close detail. He decides to pen the definitive work on the subject, a work that he will share with the masses as he writes it.

  • 12 years, 31 states and 144 more murders later, he is known in the papers as Professor Death, who leaves meticulously constructed copies of his research at whatever newspaper of the town where his crime is commited.

  • Finally reaching what he decides is the end of his work, he decides that experiencing his own death is the natural conclusion to his work. His only regret is that he will not be able to record it.

  • Having committed seven of his murders in the state of Texas, a state renowned for it's quick and indiscriminate death penalties, he walks into an FBI office in Houston and turns himself in.

  • After a quick trial and sentencing, he is sent to death row, where he meets a doctor who is actually a servant of the Harbinger of Skulls La Vuida Blanca, who has taken interest in his work. Without the servant actually revealing her nature to him, she tells him that she will help him complete and document his work.

  • On the gurney of the execution chamber, he is ghouled just as the last of the three lethal injections are introduced into his body. He dies, but is easily revived minutes later, the power of the blood protecting him.

  • He is brought to Mexico City, where he is embraced by La Vidua Blanca, who gives him new insight on death...and undeath.

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