Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Longer Character History

He was mentally traumatized at the age of 6 due to being present for the murder/suicide of his parents. He is left in the apartment with the decomposing corpses for 3 days before being found by police playing quietly with the remains of his mother. He is placed in the custody of his aunt and uncle who almost immediately proceed to abuse him mentally, physically, and sexually. He is moved from home to home by DCF and is finally placed in the care of a foster parent at the age of 15. At this point, he is quiet and unobtrusive. He performs well in school and gets into a prestigious Midwestern college in Pre-Med. In the second year of college, he commits his first murder. The victim, an Asian designer major who made several drunken advances him at a party, was easliy overpowered. He then proceeded to suffocate her to the brink of death several times over the course of 10 hours before finally strangling her in his off campus apartment. He effectively disposes of the body. This victim is actually the last one known about and is not counted amongst the 144 subsequent slayings over the next 12 years. Finding this experience both fasinating and exhilerating, he documents the murder meticulously. At this point, he also feels a sense of elightenment that he feels he must pursue. Planning to study the process of death in as many ways as possible, he plans his next killing. He will record this "research" and share his work with the public as he proceeds with it. Over the next 12 years, and 144 murders later, he becomes known in the papers as Professor Death. He travels around the country, committing the crimes in a seemingly random pattern of places and victims, his only calling card the packet he sends whatever town he's in's local paper containing the next gruesome chapter of his research, including photos, audio recordings, and meticulous research data. This practice does almost get him caught on three occasions, but thorough planning gives him the contingencies necessary to avoid capture. At the end of his 12 years spree, he comes to what he feels is the end of his research, being no longer able to devise methods of death to study. At this point, experiencing his own death is the only aspect of research he has to complete. Unwilling to take his own life, and wanting to be able to publicly take credit for his work, he walks into FBI Headquarters in Houston, TX, a state where he knows he will be executed, and turns himself in. The only regret he has is that he will not be able to record this final piece of research. After a quick conviction and death sentence, he is sent to death row to await his fast tracked execution. On the night of his death, he is visited by a voice that asks if he would like to complete his research and share it. Although he knows this to be impossible, he replies yes. As he lay on the gurney in the execution chamber, the voice again asks him. He again answers yes. Just as the lethal injections are introduced into his body, he looks upon the face of the doctor, who reveals herself as the servant of a great Vampire who will help him finish his work. As the poison enters his bloodstream, so does the blood that ghouled him. He feels his death, but is able to be revived. Waking up in Mexico City, he is brought before La Vidua Blanca, who expresses admiration for his work. His work is just beginning...

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