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Why I should be allowed to play a Harbinger of Skulls.

Why I should be allowed to play a Harbinger of Skulls.

A Proposal by Jim Williams

After a long hiatus from One World, I have returned to find the Sabbat genre the preeminent Vampire genre in the Northeast. This does my heart good, as I have always preferred the Sword to the Tower. I believe that the addition of a PC Harbinger would bring a great deal of flavor to not only the Boston game, but the Northeast Sabbat as a whole, while remaining balanced within the game.

Am I qualified to play such a bloodline?

In short, yes. As a former Giovanni Coordinator and Northeast Giovanni Sub coordinator before that, I am very familiar with the Genre and the bloodline as a whole. I actually got the first Harbinger NPC passed in One World and ran a local plot in the area where he was a primary protagonist for both the Giovanni and the local Camarilla.

So, the big question is…why? Why, genre-wise, would this character be of benefit to Boston and to OWbN as a whole? I have a number of responses:

1. The Final Nights are upon us, and things have been taking place that Cainite history says just isn’t supposed to happen. The Warrior Salubri have reappeared and join The Sabbat, the Ravnos Antediluvian is destroyed, and the secret of what dwelled in Kaymaliki finally comes to light when the last vestiges of the Cappadocians reveal themselves. A Harbinger of Skulls would serve as a reminder to the players that everything that they fight for could either be over tomorrow, or that they could, very soon, be called upon by Caine to rise up and destroy those that would devour them once and for all. At least that’s how I would play him.

2. Every game in the Northeast has made a point of either celebrating or lamenting the fact that the region is all but conquered by the Sabbat. A Harbinger being there makes sense. It is one of the most populous Sabbat areas in the country, if not the world. A Harbinger Elder would likely dwell in New York or Boston, as opposed to Middle America or The West Coast. The Northeast is “where the Sabbat is”.

3. Why Boston? Well, for years Boston was a stronghold of the Giovanni. Although they have been driven out, much of what they left behind still remains. Wraiths, Spectres, and other such detritus on the other side of The Shroud still float about in the ether of Boston. It is a place where Necromancers would come to study and to dwell.

4. I think a Harbinger would be an interesting devotee to the Path of Death & the Soul. What insight can centuries in the Shadowlands give to a people in reference to the state of death and undeath? Any chance to expand and explore such genre staples as The Paths of Enlightenment should be looked at as a potential for deeper roleplaying opportunities.

5. I plan to play a recently embraced 9th generation Harbinger, childe of La Vidua Blanca (See Mexico City by Night). This makes for an excellent roleplaying opportunity on my part, as this canon character is an extremely deranged and twisted individual, even for a Harbinger. Her childe would likely exhibit many of the same tendencies.

While it can be argued that precedent has already been set and that this is not the first Harbinger PC propped or, hopefully, approved, I feel that my reasoning stands on it’s own. I feel that I could bring a great deal to Boston with this character, and I hope that you take that, and everything else presented here into consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to look this proposal. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop me a line at


Jim Williams

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